Application Process

The grant application provides the opportunity for you to introduce your organization, tell us what problems you face, and how we can help. It also allows us to determine whether the purpose or project for which you are seeking funding has aims consistent with our mission and areas of interest. The grant application is subject to change.

The Lawrence Foundation is required by IRS regulations to grant a minimum percentage of its net assets to nonprofit organizations on a yearly basis. Grants are awarded twice a year. Please carefully review the Grant Guidelines to determine your eligibility for consideration.

If you meet our grant guidelines you may apply for a grant by using the Common Grant Application. If you haven't opened an account then please register at the Register tab. If you already have an account, go to the Login tab.

All grant applications that are received will be collected together and reviewed by the trustees for the funding cycle. There may be discussion between the organization and the trustees to understand or comment on elements of the grant application. After the review is complete, the trustees will select the projects that will be funded. We will notify your organization by the date specified in the Grant Guidelines page if we have decided to fund your project. We will also notify your organization by email if we decide not to fund your project.

Any grant applications received after the deadline for the current grant cycle will be considered for the next grant cycle.

After a project is selected for funding there may be some additional discussion between the organization and the trustees after which a check will be issued to the organization by the date specified in the Grant Guidelines page.



The Game of Philanthropy

A background about our experience of forming and running a family foundation, as well as our views about the future direction of philanthropy is available below.


The Game of Philanthropy
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